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they got mad

Okay I’m just gonna throw this out here for a sec.

Everyone who said “wake up” or anything of the sort is an ASSHOLE. I’m gonna excuse the people who don’t know about this but that song was written because the singer’s dad died on September first. Supposedly when the funeral for his father came (he was a child) he went to his room and said “wake me up when September ends.” This song is personal to him and anyone who says “wake up” knowing how important this song is is a jackass and I will lose all respect for them.

His father died of cancer. It’s not something to joke about. We’ve all lost someone at some point in our lives. Saying “wake up” to the singer who only wrote this son in memory of a loved one is distrepectful as fuck. How would you like it if someone came over and pissed on the grave of someone you love, whether it be family or friend? That’s essentially what people are doing here.

Green Day/Billie Joe even asked people to stop. To those who didn’t listen: Fuck you. You’re inconsiderate assholes.

Signal Boost the fuck out of this. I want people to know how much it hurts Billie Joe Armstrong to see these goddamn messages every year when all he wanted to do was remember someone he loved.

The Avengers. That’s what we call ourselves. We’re sort of like a team. «Earth’s mightiest heroes» -type thing.


my entries for the hq big bang of this year with mine! she wrote a very cute fic you all should read and i got to illustrate it, i had lots of fun doing this (and thank you for being patient with how slow i am at drawing)

i don't remember you [bonus track]
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i don’t remember you; you took me by surprise when i met you; well who was that? what did we have? before we got to be so busy…

i don’t remember this; being so alone i’ve gotten used to it; so if i hold you back it’s cause you move so fast and the lines start to blur and i don’t know who we were, and i’m not even sure we can fix this…

so come to bed and rest your head, before we fall asleep alone again. I grab my coat, I grab my shoes, oh my god - I don’t remember you. oh my god, oh my god - i’m leaving you…

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It all began with a journey…

Knowledge of Heaven is a story-oriented fantasy RPG Maker game which will be available for free download on PC. It’s inspired by other popular fantasy games, with several concepts being strewn together to create a brand new and unique story.

The game is currently in progress. Please support our small team as we work towards the game’s full release, and look forward to more information about the characters and storyline. Feel free to drop us questions any time!

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Rhubarb and Strawberry Ice Cream with Vanilla Bean




Peaches and Cream French Toast Bake


i couldn’t decide between the two versions, haha

from my art college au! cause art students have neon bandages, right.

I can't read a single thing in your blog no offense really.... I'm so sorry it's just too bright

well, i dont really see the point of changing the entire colour scheme of my blog for you either—considering the fact that my blog is more or less dead until i get a faster internet connection and that’s not happening anytime soon.

even getting this message took me by surprise. what were you even trying to read on my blog? my old fics? dont really think theyre worth it tbh??

sorry if i’m coming out as rude or as not giving a single shit but im also not an angel who goes ”!!!;;;omg omg im so sorry its too bright i’ll change it for you right away!!” bc if i did write that its hypocrisy and thats worse.

basically, i can change the ‘brightness’ of my blog, but in the same time i wont bc A) its too much work and B) i dont even hang out at my own blog anymore

until im active at tumblr again, i dont see much point in putting a lot of effort into the theme

MY FACE actually looks nice wow. also i didnt know you needed a white background for international pasports???? cries