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22/8/2014 - updated theme 22/8/2014 - wondering why i need an updates box this theme should be a writing blog theme what the heck me. what the heck

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currently investing my money into cardfights



It all began with a journey…

Knowledge of Heaven is a story-oriented fantasy RPG Maker game which will be available for free download on PC. It’s inspired by other popular fantasy games, with several concepts being strewn together to create a brand new and unique story.

The game is currently in progress. Please support our small team as we work towards the game’s full release, and look forward to more information about the characters and storyline. Feel free to drop us questions any time!

Story | Characters | Staff | Twitter | Facebook

Rhubarb and Strawberry Ice Cream with Vanilla Bean

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Peaches and Cream French Toast Bake

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i couldn’t decide between the two versions, haha

from my art college au! cause art students have neon bandages, right.

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Anonymous asked:
I can't read a single thing in your blog no offense really.... I'm so sorry it's just too bright

well, i dont really see the point of changing the entire colour scheme of my blog for you either—considering the fact that my blog is more or less dead until i get a faster internet connection and that’s not happening anytime soon.

even getting this message took me by surprise. what were you even trying to read on my blog? my old fics? dont really think theyre worth it tbh??

sorry if i’m coming out as rude or as not giving a single shit but im also not an angel who goes ”!!!;;;omg omg im so sorry its too bright i’ll change it for you right away!!” bc if i did write that its hypocrisy and thats worse.

basically, i can change the ‘brightness’ of my blog, but in the same time i wont bc A) its too much work and B) i dont even hang out at my own blog anymore

until im active at tumblr again, i dont see much point in putting a lot of effort into the theme

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#my weird stuff #the life of someone who has never been overseas #OW WHAT A BLISTER I HATE SLIPPERS

MY FACE actually looks nice wow. also i didnt know you needed a white background for international pasports???? cries

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all these posts all these followers all these sideblogs

man maybe one day i’ll use tumblr properly again WHEN MY INTERNET ACTUALLY HAS SPEED

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when your tumblr app takes forever to update itself to the changes you made. oh well its not like im actively using my tumblr anymore (single tear)

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“You waste your time questioning life instead of living life. When you order something and you say “Can I have?” instead of “I’ll have.” Before every act of impulse you ask, “Should I?” or “What if..?” Stop questioning, kid. If you keep on doubting throughout your whole life, on your death bed you’ll still be questioning “what could have been.” Do you want to die wondering? Or do you want to live entirely?” — stop questioning life, and live it. (via freeparadise)

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“I don’t deserve you but god, I want to. I want to spend the rest of my life trying to deserve you.” — (via soulsscrawl)

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can we please stop complimenting people by comparing them to ourselves?

“you’re so good looking and I’m just over here like a potato” no. stop.
a compliment is supposed to make someone feel good, not make two people feel bad or awkward.

stop self depreciating compliments 2k14

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