Shin-sama appreciation post.

  • I think Shindou Takuto is a really great character for many reasons. He’s calm, collected, and a wonderful playmaker. He’s a prodigy and a very talented one too. Soccer and the piano are like his wives or something. 
  • He’s a crybaby. He cried because of his team. He cried because he felt like he couldn’t do what he was expected to do. That’s what I call a true man.
  • Which brings me to my next point; the team. He cares for the team and the well-being of his teammates. 
  • Shindou is very kind too. He doesn’t mind Akane stealing pictures of him (if he ever notices that is…) and he didn’t mind when Okatsu accidentally ‘watered’ him. 
  • His looks and personality scream ‘CHICK MAGNET’.
  • Now excuse this fangirl; she needs some time to deal with her feels for this character.
  • And don’t even get her started with Kyousuke.
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